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Sodium Sulphate

Sodium Sulphate is a white, orthorhombic crystalline solid at room temperature. It has a monoclinic structure at temperatures above 100 o C, and assumes a hexagonal structure at temperatures above 250 oC. It is reduced to sodium sulphide at high temperature. However, at normal temperatures, sodium sulphate is a stable compound which does not decompose and does not react with oxidising or reducing agents. It forms a neutral (pH of 7) solution in water. Sodium sulphate is most soluble in water at 32.4 oC (49.7 g/100 g).

The decahydrate form of sodium sulphate is known as Glauber's salt. About half of the world's production is from the natural mineral form of the decahydrate ( mirabilite ). Anhydrous sodium sulphate is found in nature as the mineral thenardite.

Available Packaging
ACI's sodium sulphate is available in durable 50 kg bags or in bulk as per the client's requirement.

Technical Specifications of ACI's Sodium Sulphate

Parameter  Value
Molecular formula CH3 (CH2 ) 11 C6 H4 SO2 OH
Molecular mass 326 g/mol (average)
Classification Anionic surfactant
Appearance Light brown
Form Viscous liquid
Odour Strong and penetrating
Active ingredients 90% min.
Free sulphuric acid 1% max.
Free oil 1% max.
Inorganic content 4 – 8% max.
Colour Klett (5% solution/40 mm) 50 when packed
Density (at 20 oC) 1.07 g/cm3
Melting point 10 oC
Boiling point >226.7 oC at 1 atm (decomposes)
Flash point 149 oC
Biodegradability Yes (soft grade LABSA)

Safety Measures:

Although sodium sulphate is generally regarded as non-toxic; it should be handled with care. The dust can cause temporary asthma or eye irritation; this risk can be prevented by using eye protection and a paper mask. In case of;

  • Eye contact: Immediately flush the eye with water. If irritation persists, call for medical help. 
  • Skin contact: Wash off with water. 
  • Ingestion: Call for medical help if the amount swallowed is large.


Please note that the above mentioned safety measures are ‘guidelines' only. If you should require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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