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Acetec® 99% Organic Acid Contents

  • Acetec®consists of organic Acids and buffering agents .
  • It is a crystal clear liquid.
  • Acetec®is compatible with dyeing auxiliaries.
  • It exhibits excellent buffering property.
  • Acetec® is fully biodegradable; hence, eco-friendly.

Available Packaging:
ACI's Acetec® is available in 30 or 35 kg plastic jars, as per the client's requirement.

Common Uses and Application:

  • Acetec® is less volatile (lower evaporation rate so material loss through evaporation during application is minimized).
  • Gives stable pH of neutralized fabric
  • Good penetration power and core alkali neutralization.
  • Due to its relatively low volatility, Acetec® is more stable in application, maintains constant pH and gives better result with less quantity used. It also offers good dispersing and sequestering action.
  • Acetec® is used in same or even less quantity than Acetic Acid in cotton and polyester processing.

Technical Specifications of ACI's ACETEC®

Parameter  Value
Purity 99% organic acid content
Colour Crystal clear
Odour Pungent
Chloride content, [Cl - ] 2–3 part per million (ppm) max.
Sulphate content, [SO 4 -2 ] 3–4 ppm max.
Iron content, [Fe] <2 ppm


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